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Professional Grade Equipment & Rigging Services for Monahans, Odessa, & Pecos, TX

Dutcher-Phipps Crane & Rigging Co. is always working toward upgrading our equipment with the newest cranes and equipment the full service crane rental industry has to offer for Odessa, TX; Pecos, TX; Monahans, TX and the surrounding areas. Since 2006, 80% of our fleet has been replaced with new equipment. We added a new Grove GMK7550 in January 2016. You will not find any other fleet in this area (if anywhere) as advanced as Dutcher-Phipps Crane & Rigging Co.

We also have a preventative maintenance program that allows for the manufacturer's recommendations on upkeep of our equipment. Our service manager has attended Manitowoc Crane Care training courses from basic to Level 4, which is as far as anyone can go who is not authorized as a dealer or in rigging services.
Rigging Services Odessa, TX

Our Full Service Crane Rental Equipment

Description Type Boom (Load Chart) Jib Max Tip Height
Grove TMS700E 60-Ton Truck Crane 32'-110' 33'-56' Telescoping 178'
Grove TMS800E 80-Ton Truck Crane 41'-128' 33'-56' Telescoping 196'
Grove TMS9000E 110-Ton Truck Crane 36'-142' 33'-56' Bi-Fold 237'
Grove GMK5120 120-Ton All-Terrain Crane 42'-167' 36'-59' Bi-Fold 240'
Grove GMK5165 165-Ton All-Terrain Crane 42'-197' 36'-59' Bi-Fold With 2-16' Inserts 312'
Grove GMK5210 210-Ton All-Terrain Crane 44'-197' 43'-72' Bi-Fold With 2-24' Inserts 324'
Grove GMK5275 275-Ton All-Terrain Crane 44'-223' 39'-70' Bi-Fold With 2-26' Inserts 354'
Terex-Demag AC200 240-Ton All-Terrain Crane 40'-222' 108' Luffing 316
Grove GMK6300L 350-Ton All-Terrain Crane 51'-262' 39'-69' Bi-Fold with Swing away 390'
Terex-Demag AC350 400-Ton All-Terrain Crane 46'-184' with Sideways Super Lift 234' Luffing 416'
Grove GMK7550 550-Ton All-Terrain Crane 53'-197' 82'-259' with Mega Wing Lift 430'

Features & Specifications

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